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Air Quality

Air Quality Monitoring & Dispersion Modelling

Monitoring and determination of the concentration of various air contaminants (e.g., PM10, PM2.5, H2S, SO2, NO2, CxHy). Accounting for atmospheric conditions and other factors, pollutants concentrations at receptor locations are predicted through modelling.

Dust Analysis

Particulate / Dust Analysis

Ambient or work place aerosols/particulates are often composed of complex mixtures of compounds or mineral types with varying physical and chemical composition. We perform particulates analysis to determine the physical and chemical composition of particles collected by filtration and assess their potential effect.

Water Quality Studies

Water Quality Studies and Modelling

We sample surface water, groundwater, drinking water, or wastewater to perform in situ or laboratory assessment to determine physicochemical and microbiological constituents. We also perform modelling and determine the overall quality of the water.


Blast Monitoring and Blast Impact Prediction Modelling

Blast-induced ground vibration (PPV) monitoring, air overpressure (air blast) monitoring, blast impact assessment, and blast impact prediction modelling to determine the potential impact of blasting on communities adjacent to mining or blasting operations.


Noise Monitoring and Noise Impact Modelling

Noise monitoring or surveys to determine ambient or baseline levels. Noise measurements in active operational areas and assessment of noise from machinery. Noise impact prediction modelling to estimate the impact of noise on receptors.


Structural Integrity Assessment & Crack Monitoring

Assessment of structural integrity for structures prior to operations, during operations, and after operations to determine the impact of operational activities on the integrity of structures within the vicinity of the operation and to mitigate the impacts.


Remediation of Contaminated/Degraded Soils

Reclamation costing, reclamation of disturbed lands, reclamation of contaminated soils, phytoremediation.


Occupatonal Baseline Studies

We undertake baseline studies in all fields for new and active projects.


Siting of Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Monitoring sites are appropriately sited following standard guidelines with the goal to obtain representative data without the influence of other sources which are not part of the investigation.


Installation of Environmental Equipment

Environmental monitoring equipment (e.g., weather stations and air samplers) are assembled and installed by our team of experts to obtain accurate readings or recordings and achieve maximum performance and greater benefits.


Safety, Health and Environmental Management Training

SERC Limited organizes training programs in safety, health and environmental management. Other training programs include blast monitoring, air quality and noise monitoring, water sampling and preservation, general environmental monitoring issues, and environmental modelling.

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